Hello darkness my old friend

It’s a true love/hate relationship. Me and the microphone. I know almost every vocalist on the planet get this “lead-singer’s disease” when it comes to perform, but it never bothered me really. What bothers me is the bloody cold I’ve had for a few weeks while doing lots of shows – and it’s definately against my religion to cancel shows. I simply don’t do that.


Anyway, Great Earth is providing me with Vitamin C, Zinc and Magnesium so every day in every way I’m getting better and better. In any case, I’m in a rock band and don’t really mind a bit of extra character to the vocal lines. Most of my fav vocalists sound more or less like Lemmy. So, vocals and backing vocals are the flavors of the week. Let’s get on with it! I’m still Divine…


Back in the days, studios had a specific staff-person called “tape-whore” who did all the shit work, like swiching reels, edit recordings, put on coffee and cleaned up the mess the band made in all kind of ways. In this digital age of DoItYourfuckingself – that person is nowhere to be found.

Anyway, here’s a marvellous image of Oscar tracking bass – for all you ladies out there.


Recording recording recording

Just a short clip of S.J Divine recording guitar leads for the upcoming album. Not sure this solo will be on the album though. Perfectionist S.J is always hard on himself and is probably not happy with one or two of these notes… Anyway, it gives you an idea of how the guitar will sound like. Enjoy, worship and surrender to the Divine!

Good morning Divines!

Yes, this blog has been seriously neglected for a few years. Time flies, I guess. So what’s up in the Divine camp these days? To tell the truth, unexpected opportunity for the band to reach out with our music made us pick up and write another 5 songs for the upcoming album and to spend a really shitty swedish summer in the studio. It’s a sort of rebirth for the band and now we are ready to move forward.


Still lots of stuff to be finished in the studio at this point. I think we have 3 guitar leads left, lots of vocal tracks, mixing and mastering. Next week we will shoot new promo photos and start to work on the design for the album. Being a die hard DoItYourself band is lots of work but on the other hand most rewarding. I guess it applies to control freaks like us.

So expect frequent updates, here, there and everywhere about the band – and, of course, new Violent Divine songs for all your Divine desires.

The Crash Norrköping

A magic return to The Crash – the same venue for the release party of Release The Hounds back in 2010. This time with brothers in arms Last Temptation and Sarea. The Divine set list contained Love Revolution, Temple Of Love, Rush You, Let’s Go, Rain, Sweet Blood, Walking On Thin Ice, Desolation Boulevard, Drown, I Am and Blackheart.

Huge thanks to all fans and friends for love and support, Last Temptation and Sarea for friendship and F**k & Roll entertainment, The Crash and Bacchus Bakficka. And of course, here’s a video to prove we did it with a brand new song, Temple of Love.

Find photos from the event at Flickr.com

Rain – Part 3

Composing and trying out new songs for a new album contains one, sometimes overlooked, ingredience. What do your fans think about your new material and the main question is of course: is this a Violent Divine song. Scary as it is, performing new songs live and not comfortably rely on “what you know will work for the crowd” you really need to give new songs a few breaths of air on stage before deciding what songs will appear on the next album.

This is a recording of “Rain” from Bryggeriet in Motala, Sweden along with “Sweet Blood” off the Release The Hounds album. As a bonus you will also get a taste of a remake of one of the songs that never made it to the In Harm’s Way album “Walking On Thin Ice” along with a massive version of “Let Them Burn” from that very same album.

Yes, the sound quality is total crap but hey – it’s fucking exclusive!

Storåfestivalen 2012

D-day for the Divine gentlemen to show off if endless hours in rehearsal did result in a true rock band. On location at the annual Storåfestivalen in the nearby town of Söderköping, freezing as fuck and not too crowded due to the damn weather, the band proved to measure up – and beyond. And here’s the video to prove it! Yeah, shitty camera but wtf… it’s still for real!

One By One
Rush You
Let’s Go
Sweet Blood
Desolation Boulevard

And yeah, the beverage of choice for Mike Divine on stage is… coffee!
And yeah, the hair style of choice for Mike Divine is dreads!

This is the truth! This is rock and fucking roll!


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