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Returned to the deserted airfield the other day where we shot the photos for Hyperactivity Disorder. Still a stunning place, but for the next album we’ll do something completely different. Speaking of the new album, recording almost done. A little bit of vocals and a few extra guitars to add to the production. We got the running order figured out, we decided what song to pick for the first official video, we have the general artwork on the way. Everything will fall into place. There’s really just one thing to argue about. The title of the album. Looks like it will be pistols at dawn to decide the matter. Band democracy and all that shite.

Meanwhile we have started to produce a series of videos called The Violent Divine Weekly for y’all who like to keep of with the Divine madness. We’re also in a band challenge with spanish Bostok, british Immortal Machinery and danish Seven Thorns. Lots of funny, pointless shit to pass time and to make a bit of noise. Here’s the latest challenge!

No expiry date

We’re happy to play rock in a time where most top 40 music seems expendable. And it’s clear when you look at festivals this summer that bands that formed 30+ years ago are still at the top of the bill. When you think about it, it’s weird, isn’t it? Where is the new music that is going to make classic rock in a few decades. We think it proves that rock music that don’t bother with musical trends, that rely on good songwriting will stand the test of time. Very much like bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motörhead to name a few. What other ways are there to explain that Black Sabbath, formed in the late 1960’s pack arenas on their current farewell tour. Good songs and solid riffs.

At the Divine camp we’re happy to recieve a late but great review of Hyperactivity Disorder. Metal-Temple says: “…with their fourth album, “Hyperactivity Disorder”, VIOLENT DIVINE are dropping another bomb of sheer streetwise Metal, puncturing hearts in every turn”. Giving the album 8/10. Hats and beenies off and a huge thanx!

Still 2 rehearsals to go from the two shows in the UK. They will be on Periscope (@violentdivine) so y’all know what to expect, at least musically. We don’t jump around that much in the rehearsal cabin. In case you just popped in, Violent Divine will play in Chelmsford/The Asylum on July 22 and in Croydon/The Scream Lounge on July 23. We look forward to see you there!

Violent Divine loves the UK!

Yes! What you heard is true! Violent Divine will do two shows in the UK this summer to meet up with long time and new friends. It’s about bloody time since we haven’t been in the UK since 2010 when we visited London, Kettering and Crumling. This time we do shows in Chelmsford on July 22 and in Croydon on July 23. Both venues are somewhat close to London so we expect to see lots of you people there.

The show in Chelmsford is at The Asylum with bands Raze the Void and Mens of Munga and there’s a Facebook event with all the information you need.
The show in Croydon is at The Scream Lounge with bands Immortal Machinery, Dead Before Mourning and Out of Context. And yes, there’s a Facebook event for that show as well.

To say the least, we are super excited to come to the UK, to be able to do these shows and to meet up with the other bands and to share a pint and spend a few hours in your company. This is what being in a band is all about. See you in a few!


From 1 to 7

Yes, we are going to release lyric videos for all 13 songs off Hyperactivity Disorder and we just passed the half-way-there mark by releaseng the 7th lyric video Heartbroken. Let’s go through the whats and whys of each of the lyric videos.

First lyric video was for Bloodshared. It’s made out of an old horror movie and I think we all know the usual plot. A beautiful screaming girl is captivated by a freak (male) and the self-righteous detectives will save the girl and kill the monster. Cheesy? Oh well, see for yourself.

Second lyric video was for Desolation Boulevard. The idea was to add to your stress levels by adding scratches and flicker from the early days of film history. It’s shot in Stockholm on the way back home from a show.

Third video was for Temple of Love. We actually tried to make a video once on our own. We didn’t like the result since we figured we looked like something from the Muppet Show – and we still do. This is simply one of many shots from that session with the lyrics added on top.

For the fourth video we wanted to take the concept a bit further and see if it was possible to get banned off social media. We failed disgracefully on that part. The video is made out of more or less explicit parts (pun intended) of the work of Italian comic book artist Milo Manara. Hold on to your hats!

Video number five was made from the first preview edit of For I Am Sin. I guess it works for the die hard Violent Divine nerd who like to point out differences in edits compared to the official video. There are actually some edits in this first one that are better than in the final edit. So can you spot the differences?

The sixth video takes us back to nudity. It’s nicked from a film that premiered in 1968 and it’s rather interesting to think about how things have changed from back then, gender roles, nudity and stuff like that. Or maybe it hasn’t changed at all.

The seventh video should be labelled with some sort of trigger warning to prevent suicides. It’s shot in our home town of Norrköping, the local sewer running through the town, a graveyard and the cremation site. Sounds like loads of fun. Specially when the song Heartbroken is about eternal love and eternal heartbreaks. Get the party started you goths.

So there it is. See you next time on Getting it on with the Divine!

A quickie with Oscar Divine


We are doing this series of interview clips with the band members right now. A couple of weeks ago Mike put on his beloved make up to answer a few delicate questions and just this week, (b)assmaniac Oscar had to answer to his sins. None of the guys in the band wanted to do what was expected from bands in general, talk about the music, the album, random gear or technique. Very few people are interested in that and FFS we go on about the album all the time so… We wanted to present to you an idea of the personalities in the band – in a lot less than 2 minutes (to midnight). Enjoy the madness!


Think we told you lots already about the great tme we had supporting Lillasyster at Hell Yeah Rock Club/Palatset in Linköping, Sweden on April 1 2016. We also got lots of great shots from local photographer Fredric Sommer. It’s really great to see shots like that from a professional who actually know his trade and we can’t thank him enough. The shots are truly Divine. Watch the entire set on Facebook!

We also got some fan videos from the show and you can get a glimpse of Violent Divine on stage somewhere on the other side of the crowd. Enjoy the racket!




It’s a Violent Divine attitude to perform wherever and whenever possible. Kulturkollektivet is definately not the biggest club we ever played but every gig is equally important. This one was special in many ways. We didn’t expect a huge crowd since it went down on a freezing Wednesday. But the crowd quickly filled up with people that are most important to us. Family, close friends and a few die hard fans who actually sang along to the lyrics – even though we only did songs from Hyperactivity Disorder. That’s impressive. Cheers all for coming out this very special evening!

Set list
For I Am Sin
Restart My Heart
Temple Of Love
Worms Beneath
Desolation Boulevard
Walking on Thin Ice

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