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So, that was the week when we made the official press release with the artwork, track list and the release date of Hyperactivity Disorder. Lots of great feedback, thank you very much! Some Divine work has also been made this week. Planning for next weekend’s video shoot with long time friend Jonas, who has shot all the previous Violent Divine videos. For apparent reasons we haven’t done anything for a few years, but it’s great to be able to work with him again.

In the back-end part of the world, there is an on-line press kit ready for media and we even finished off this week doing our first interview for the upcoming album. It’s for Nataliez World, which is a great web-site about lots of bands and rock news. We did an interview back in 2009 for that same site when we released In Harm’s Way. Meanwhile we wait for this new interview, check out what we had to say back then.

Press release


Finally time to release art work, track listing and release date for the new album. The new album will be titled “Hyperactivity Disorder”, it contains 13 tracks and will be released at December 4, 2015. And that’s a long time to wait! But hopefully this period will be packed with good reviews and lots of interviews. It’s not like we don’t have anything to do. A video is to be shot and rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals. We’re loving it!

Here’s the track listing anyway:
1. For I Am Sin
2. Incubus
3. Restart My Heart
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. Temple Of Love
6. Fail
7. Worms Beneath
8. Drown
9. Heartbroken
10. Desolation Boulevard
11. Rain
12. Walking On Thin Ice
13. Bloodshared


The Grind

Back to the grind in rehearsal. It’s been a while since we actually played the songs on the new album, all at the same time. A bit rusty but a lot better than we all expected.

This week we revealed a sneak preview from the new album. A quick sample of the opening track “For I Am Sin”. We had some great feedback on that one and in a couple of weeks we’ll upload another preview. We haven’t decided yet which one it’ll be so… Next week we will reveal the track listing, the release date and the art work. But for now you’ll have to settle with a couple of snaps from the rehearsal. For more snaps, find the Divine on Instagram at






Waiting is finally over. The first preview sample off the new album is out!

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The Final Countdown


Counting down the hours and minutes until Thursday when Violent Divine will reveal a sneak sample off the forthcoming new album. It’s a huge thing actually. We haven’t released an album in 5 years and now it’s time to Restart the Divine. So much to look forward to but also lots of nervousness. If you liked Violent Divine 5 years ago, will you like the new songs? We’ve hade loads of great reviews previously, will the press embrace this album just as much. But, besides that, we’re totally happy with the album. This is Violent Divine of 2015 and this week, we can finally share a glimpse of that with you guys.

If you need to do some homework, you can find Violent Divine on Spotify and Itunes.

Life after Death


Violent Divine reveals the truth. There is definately life after the mixing process is done. We could go on mixing forever, poking through minor details, but the point is – the goddamn songs and the performance. Does the album deliver? Do we rock? The answer is definately yes, at least from our point of view. The real and only true answer to that question, we leave up to you. Later this year we look forward to your feedback.

So what is post-mixing-life like. Well it’s kind of technical. ISRC, UPC, NCB and the likes, followed by spicing up the Violent Divine web-site and the lots of our Divine presence on social media. And, of course, rehearsals will start again so we can deliver Violent Divine to a venue near you. All fun and games!

New band pics


Ok, here we go! Brand new shots of Violent Divine, as well as individual shots of each band member. We think they turned out quite well, at least a few out of nearly 500 pictures. We might post some photo bloopers another day because some are just hilarious, but for now – let’s keep it serious. We’re a band, dammit!

Point your browser to for the complete set!


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