Band versus solo project

So to evolve a bit on the inevitable question of why the choice of reforming Violent Divine instead of moving forward as a solo artist using the band/brand Violent Divine. After all I’m a decent musician and modern drum applications for various recording software do a decent job if you have a clue about how a drummer would do it. But maybe that last statement is exactly the point. I – as a singer and song writer, or in my greatest moments – a producer, have an over-all idea of what I want to accomplish – but I’m not really that much of an instrumentalist that live and breathe passion for my instrument. I simply don’t breathe guitar, bass, drums like the devoted musician do.

I breathe songwriting, writing lyrics, performing/singing, but that’s where it ends really. I need talanted musicians made out of of flesh, blood and rock & roll to re-create Violent Divine and to fulfill my vision of what the band should sound like, look like, perform like. I desperately need their input, companionship and collaboration. 1-2-3 and 4 – just as simple as that.

I think this song, Bittersweet, that I wrote, performed and recorded a few years back explains it really. It’s a decent song that I put a lot of effort in writing and recording, but it’s definately not Violent Divine. To me it’s more like HIM combined with Accept and it simply lacks the Violent Divine attitude in my vocal lines. Too damn soft and laid back if you ask me. Or to put it roughly – it’s more like radio-friendly AOR, and that’s definately NOT Divine.

Download it at for free, listen and please share your thought with me. Huge thanks to Lars Boqvist from Fair of Freaks ( for recording the lead guitar parts for me.

Mike Divine

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