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The Second Rehearsal

Thought you guys wanted a brief update on what’s going on in the Divine camp. The second rehearsal completely removed the feeling of a garage band and sort of completed the feeling that this Is a band. This Is the brand new Violent Divine. Like I told the guys in the band, to me this is almost like having a religious (Divine) experience… guess I’m a soft puppy when it comes to certain things that rock – and as you know – that certain power of music that you can feel but certainly not explain is sometimes quite overwhelming.
Ok enuff sappy shit from me, but I really just wanted to share the joy of being part of a band like Violent Divine.

So far, if you really want to know, we rehearsed old Violent Divine songs so far and you can find a list of them right here on Spotify. Next we’ll start working on new songs for the upcoming album and in a while you will be able to – through this blog – follow the creation and evolution of one of those songs – from its most raw form to the result that’ll be on the next album.

Talk again soon!
Mike Divine


The First Rehearsal

The very first rehearsal of the new Violent Divine line-up took place in a studio in an old warehouse. It was also the first time the new bandmambers met in person, and as expected it was a bit like going on that first date. You’re a bit nervous about if the other person will like you and who you are, and maybe most important of all approve of your skills as a musician.

Well I can assure you that everything is cool in the Divine camp, even though the band – as expected – sounded a bit like a garage-band – but hey, what’d you expect from the 4 guys playing together for the first time. To tell you the truth, the new Violent Divine is already sounding a bit like the vision I had for the band while I was searching for new brothers in arms. A little heavier, a little meaner than before, and I already know that I’ve found what I was looking for.

Together the four of us tried to define what makes up the old and the new Violent Divine. We all agreed on that it is the construction of the songs. The songs are mainly created from two elements: a metalinspired guitar and a melodic chorus. We decided we want to keep it exactly like that and that it was the fact that it was that very form of songmaking that made the guys apply for the band.

So then… here’s a short clip to prove it actually happened. It’s rough, raw, uncut – but it is the truth and nothing but the truth. It’s the beginning of something Violently Divine!

Rush You (rehearsal clip 2011) from Violent Divine on Vimeo.

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