The Second Rehearsal

Thought you guys wanted a brief update on what’s going on in the Divine camp. The second rehearsal completely removed the feeling of a garage band and sort of completed the feeling that this Is a band. This Is the brand new Violent Divine. Like I told the guys in the band, to me this is almost like having a religious (Divine) experience… guess I’m a soft puppy when it comes to certain things that rock – and as you know – that certain power of music that you can feel but certainly not explain is sometimes quite overwhelming.
Ok enuff sappy shit from me, but I really just wanted to share the joy of being part of a band like Violent Divine.

So far, if you really want to know, we rehearsed old Violent Divine songs so far and you can find a list of them right here on Spotify. Next we’ll start working on new songs for the upcoming album and in a while you will be able to – through this blog – follow the creation and evolution of one of those songs – from its most raw form to the result that’ll be on the next album.

Talk again soon!
Mike Divine

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