Bump and Grind

Rebuilding a band wasn’t so much of a “piece of cake” as I imagined it to be. After a few rehearsals it was clear that new guitarist Peter couldn’t commit to the band as much as he wanted to, so we decided to part ways. Peter will focus on his band Soul Temple and hopefully they will share a stage with Violent Divine in the near future. Continuing rehearsals as a power trio with Mr Mike Divine himself on both vocals and guitar was certainly an experience. No, you will never hear a recording of that on-line – ever. The quest for a new Divine guitarist was starting all over again.

Yesterday the band auditioned a helluva guitarist, Mr Sean-Joel Saxholm, who will handle the six-string-stuff from now on. Check out his magic tricks with his band Scars Align. This means Violent Divine is now Mike, Sean-Joel, Oscar and Magnus. Now to figure out if we’re all going to use Divine as our common surname. We’ll see about that. New promo pics to be shot, songwriting, rehearsals – I’d say the future looks Divine!

Another piece of good news is that Violent Divine will be promoted by The Pirate Bay in Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Germany during March 16-18. An incredible opportunity to gain maximum exposure and to introduce the band to many more rock fans. Huge thanks to The Pirate Bay for supporting Violent Divine! During this period of time, Violent Divine offer a free download of the 2006 debut album from www.violentdivine.se.

Help out our Divine quest and like, follow, tweet, re-tweet, blog, recommend the band wherever you are on-line. Violent Divine is found on the official website: www.violentdivine.se
MySpace: www.myspace.com/violentdivine
Facebook: www.facebook.com/violentdivine
ReverbNation: www.reverbnation.com/violentdivine
YouTube: www.youtube.com/violentdivine
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/violentdivine
Twitter: www.twitter.com/violentdivine
Tumblr: violentdivine.tumblr.com
Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/artist/759gmWpoyIiX2evd8l6Jk5

…and if you still can’t get enuff, follow the random rants of Mike over at www.twitter.com/mikethedivine

See u later!

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