It’s probably a bit pointless to bother about what expectations people will have of the new Violent Divine. After all, the new band will never become a cover version of the old band. Obviously Violent Divine will perform a bandmembers’ choice of songs from the previous 3 albums as well as the most popular songs like Let’s Go, Rush You, Blackheart, Sweet Blood but it will hardly sound like it did back in the days. Why should it?

Violent Divine is a new band where the individual musician will contribute to the new sound with their personal skills and influences and perform the songs in a new way – as a band. There will be changes made in arrangements to make old songs sound like they were originally performed by this current line-up. Anything else would be fake. Some people might think it sucks, while others might think of it as musical progress. I call it evolution.

Check out this sound file of lead guitarist S.J trying out some new tricks of the trade for the guitar part of Let Em Burn, off the In Harm’s Way album. Like lots of japanese people say: same but different. One thing may never change though. Violent Divine will always be in your face!

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