Decisions decisions decisions

Running a band isn’t always all fun, games and glam. It’s about getting your hands dirty and sometimes to get your skinny little ass knee deep in shit. Violent Divine will be – as it always has been – a somewhat flawless rock and roll machine – delivering the goods at more than 100 % each and every time we do something. The aim to remain and improve at this level of performance and attitude towards what we do, why we do it and the way we do it, lead to some unfortunate decisionmaking.

The new Violent Divine line-up has been blessed with a really great drummer – Magnus. Unfortunately, playing 3,5 minutes pop-doom-metal songs in the end  proved that our ways of approaching music and performing songs didn’t quite end up. This is of course most unfortunate since Magnus is not only a great musician, but also a very good friend. However the decision had to be made to part ways and search for a new drummer for Violent Divine. Fortunately S.J had a friend in his band Equil – Simon- who was willing and able to take on the unholy task as heartbeater of the Divine.

Therefore, the line-up of Violent Divine is from now on Mike on vocals, S.J on lead guitar, Oscar on bass, and Simon on drums.

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