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Rain – Part 3

Composing and trying out new songs for a new album contains one, sometimes overlooked, ingredience. What do your fans think about your new material and the main question is of course: is this a Violent Divine song. Scary as it is, performing new songs live and not comfortably rely on “what you know will work for the crowd” you really need to give new songs a few breaths of air on stage before deciding what songs will appear on the next album.

This is a recording of “Rain” from Bryggeriet in Motala, Sweden along with “Sweet Blood” off the Release The Hounds album. As a bonus you will also get a taste of a remake of one of the songs that never made it to the In Harm’s Way album “Walking On Thin Ice” along with a massive version of “Let Them Burn” from that very same album.

Yes, the sound quality is total crap but hey – it’s fucking exclusive!

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