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Recording recording recording

Just a short clip of S.J Divine recording guitar leads for the upcoming album. Not sure this solo will be on the album though. Perfectionist S.J is always hard on himself and is probably not happy with one or two of these notes… Anyway, it gives you an idea of how the guitar will sound like. Enjoy, worship and surrender to the Divine!


Good morning Divines!

Yes, this blog has been seriously neglected for a few years. Time flies, I guess. So what’s up in the Divine camp these days? To tell the truth, unexpected opportunity for the band to reach out with our music made us pick up and write another 5 songs for the upcoming album and to spend a really shitty swedish summer in the studio. It’s a sort of rebirth for the band and now we are ready to move forward.


Still lots of stuff to be finished in the studio at this point. I think we have 3 guitar leads left, lots of vocal tracks, mixing and mastering. Next week we will shoot new promo photos and start to work on the design for the album. Being a die hard DoItYourself band is lots of work but on the other hand most rewarding. I guess it applies to control freaks like us.

So expect frequent updates, here, there and everywhere about the band – and, of course, new Violent Divine songs for all your Divine desires.

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