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Into the Divine – and beyond


I seriously hate the fact that my day time job is taking time away for stuff I’d rather do. OK I think I’m privileged to have a decent job to help pay my bills and shit but, well, no patience right now. Anyway I have both Wednesday and Friday off so I can dig deep into the mixing process. Two days when I will be completely dead to the world no matter f**king what. A few small edits on the way. Maybe some small stuff that could be improved but no big things really.

Mixing – if anything in this world – is love/hate. I love the process of putting everything to as much perfection as I’m capable of, but on the other hand there’s lots of anxiety involved. Am I good enough at this? Won’t someone else do a better job? All those people saying it can’t be done – Hey that’s a challenge! I don’t do challenges. I’m not that much into sports and competition but… this is what I love. This is my religion and mine only, well maybe the rest of the band also but this is what I breathe.

This is the shit! And I’m out to get you – the rock fan. I want you to love this as much as I do. I want to make you a Divine believer. I’m a rock fan too. I just want to make an album that I would buy, from a band I would like to go and see perform live. I want to make a mark. I want to make an album that you still will play 10 years from now. I want to create memories. I want to spread the gospel of rock and roll. Because it’s a love affair that never ends. It’s the ultimate happy ending. And I can’t wait for you to have it.

Says Mike…


A Violent Divine experience


And… bang! Vocals finally finished, so now I can expect the bloody cold to give way, right? So now we enter the next stage and that is mixing the goddamn lot of it. I don’t expect it to be very painful since we kept things rather simple and raw this time. Not a lot of extra bling bling to keep track of. It will be hard and in your face. Fact is that there’s so much energy in the recordings, performing the songs and listening to the songs, now that they’re done, almost takes the breath out of me. I’d say it’s more Violent Divine than ever.

So exactly, what is the trick of a good mix? Well, there are lots of people with opinions of what you can and can’t do and various opinions of how it should be done. To me it’s simple and to the point. I want the listener to have a Violent Divine experience, no matter how the listener enjoy our brand of rock. It might be in-ear-headphones, computer speakers, a nice hi-fi-system, the car, on the radio and so on. Whereever and however rock and roll is consumed – it must be Divine.

Status report from Insania


12 songs done and only one to go, and that one will go tomorrow (with the help of the almighty and a bit of vaseline). It’s been a ride recording vocals on all songs and I’m quite happy with the one I finished today. It will most likely be the opening track on the new album and I wanted a special character on my voice for this one. It’s the third try out and this time I got it right. Perfect timing after a weekend of two shows and one late Sunday night rehearsal. Give my voice a rest? I don’t fucking think so.

So what’s left then? Some minor stuff really. Just a few hours away from the mixing process. Excited to say the least!



The flavor of the evening spelled R.E.H.E.A.R.S.A.L and the band mostly played the songs that was recently recorded. Everyone was like WTF?! No that’s not how we did it. Yes we bloody well did. And so on, but we will get there eventually. After all, once the album is out, Violent Divine will tour to support the release and to rock the fuck out with all of you, hopefully at a venue near your city. Because that’s what rock bands are supposed to do. It’s in our blood and it’s our goddamn birthright!

Divine drummer and pet-person

Meet Simon Divine. The Violent Divine drummer who takes beats to the limit. Apparently the dog Magda helps out with the beat-keeping activity. I guess this post qualifies as one of those cute-animals-posts on Facebook, but this is serious bizniz. Drumming is a drrty dog’s work and someone’s got to do it.

Simon and Magda from Violent Divine on Vimeo.

Compilation weirdness


While searching for something completely different, I found the Violent Divine song Morning Show on a compilation of what I believe is surf music on Spotify. WTF?! Anyway, I do appreciate the exposure and hopefully there’s a little bit of a rock fan in all of us, but really… surf music. Right then. Check out the compilation Warm up Ride in Maui (Indie Pop and Uptempo Rock Buried Treasures) at and judge for yourself. In any way, it’s one of my personal fav Violent Divine songs.

Your mother-in-law would approve!

Today the band took a short time out from work in the studio to do a photoshoot. As always, when things move with Violent Divine, things move fast. Any indoors options we had failed the last minute. Did that stop us? We quickly found ourselves a spot, out of the sun, to take a few quick snaps. Meanwhile we process the result, here’s a quick bite of guitarslinger S.J Divine. And yes, your mother-in-law would approve!


Photo: Jolin Ek

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