A Violent Divine experience


And… bang! Vocals finally finished, so now I can expect the bloody cold to give way, right? So now we enter the next stage and that is mixing the goddamn lot of it. I don’t expect it to be very painful since we kept things rather simple and raw this time. Not a lot of extra bling bling to keep track of. It will be hard and in your face. Fact is that there’s so much energy in the recordings, performing the songs and listening to the songs, now that they’re done, almost takes the breath out of me. I’d say it’s more Violent Divine than ever.

So exactly, what is the trick of a good mix? Well, there are lots of people with opinions of what you can and can’t do and various opinions of how it should be done. To me it’s simple and to the point. I want the listener to have a Violent Divine experience, no matter how the listener enjoy our brand of rock. It might be in-ear-headphones, computer speakers, a nice hi-fi-system, the car, on the radio and so on. Whereever and however rock and roll is consumed – it must be Divine.

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