Tiny details and serious shit


So where are we at right now? It’s in the final stages of the mixing process. This is when people say nobody but us in the band will ever hear the difference between different settings and what have you. I don’t think that’s true. Rock fans are picky. They have a right to be. Considering most top 40 songs today is mostly crap, rock fans still appreciate quality of the craft of making and performing music. Hopefully not a dying breed. Anyway, at a certain point, you have to let things go or you will go completely insane. Mixing will be ready this weekend.

While arguing about the details, we will also set the running order of the songs. Something that is a bit tricky, cuz even though we seriously want to blow your ears off, we would like to do it in the most possible dynamic way. Yes, people who play in rock bands are insane. By the way, this Friday we will do another photo shoot and hope for it to rain. It should add certain character to an idea we have for the album sleeve. We know how to keep ourselves busy.

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