Photomanic panic

We had a blast taking band photos last week. It’s not so easy as it looks though. Imagine 4 hyperactive persons trying to look just a tiny bit like an angry or/and serious metal band in the same picture. It’s almost an impossible task. Out of nearly 500 shots, surprisingly lots of them turned out great. We had a tremendous luck with the weather and sunligt this late afternoon. Perfect conditions, a great photographer and a great camera, thanx to baby bro Nikky. These shots will definately make it to the album sleeve as well as press photos. Of course we are dying to show you the result but Marjo at Metal Revelations says it will have to wait until later. Marjo knows best!


Anyway, even though the disorderly gentlemen of the Divine were quite focused on the task, S.J arrived on his KTM-bike, and Simon just had to have a go, even though he doesn’t have a license. Such a bad boy, Simon Divine…

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