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A Divine Trilogy

Finally, all three Track by Track videos for Hyperactivity Disorder available om YouTube/violentdivine. It’s been interesting filming and editing these short clips. It was impossible to take things too serious, as you might guess from watching them. We might be dead serious about the music and the band, but on a different note, it’s only rock and roll. On yet another note, music means the world to lots of people, including us in the band. In a small way, we all make the world a better place. </sermon>

Track-By-Track Pt. I

Track-By-Track Pt. II

Track-By-Track Pt. III


Rock & Roll Democracy


It’s true! The right to vote is the heart of any democracy. We, Violent Divine think you should exercise your right to vote – for Violent Divine – on the WNDY365 Radio Top 500 chart. Once a day/IP address and no cheating – no fun, not fair. You don’t cheat in a democratic society, and the rock & roll society is highly democratic.

Point your fav device to:  and join the democratic movement.

WNDY Radio Top 100

Sunday and listening to the WNDY Radio Top 100 countdown where Violent Divine entered the chart at #48. It’s amazing really since the competition is massive. There are millions of bands and artists in the US of A alone so it’s really an achievement to be anywhere on the chart. WNDY Radio is a part of the 365 Radio Network, spotlighting independent music world wide. Independent doesn’t in any way mean that the bands and the songs are bad, just because any major label haven’t signed the band. Lots of artist are with small and independent labels or, like Violent Divine, choose to do everything on their own and from what we hear on this chart is good music and loads of talent.

Check it out for yourself!


Freedom of choice


At this very moment it’s highly interesting to notice what song off the Hyperactivity Disorder album radio stations pick for rotation. For the first time we don’t really pick a few songs off the album that we ourselves think of as “hits” or “radio-friendly”. There’s a good reason for that. Even though we are rock fans ourselves, it’s impossible to be a rock fan when it comes to your own music. Besides, radio stations are not only rock fans, they are professionals in their own field. If they have the time and opportunity to pick and choose – they will do the better job.

So there you go. If you’re a radio station and want to support Violent Divine, contact

New Violent Divine interview

10960370_1581635798718031_6534555800398291861_oMike Divine talks to Nataliez World about the upcoming album Hyperactivity Disorder, the past, the present and the future of Violent Divine.

Check out:

Track by Track Part 1

So it’s finally up – the homebrewed video where bandmembers of the Divine try to explain WTF all the song are about. It’s not so much a defence speech as you might think. We’re damn proud of the songs and the album. It’s by far the best effort yet. Yeah we know bragging isn’t allowed or encouraged in Sweden but never mind the bollocks, as one particular band once stated – here’s Violent Divine!

9 to 5

That’s the exact time we used to shoot the video for the opening track from the new album Hyperactivity Disorder. Video producer Jonas Andersson, who has worked with almost all the previous Violent Divine videos, made us do the song over and over again – I think it was like more than 30 tracks. You might think it’s quite a smooth ride to do videos, but at the end everyone could think of nothing but pizza, asian food and shish kebabs, along with a cold pint.

On a serious note, working with Jonas is always relaxed and lots of fun. One of the most important things is that of being able to relax and don’t mind the camera and just do what you do and to be able to act out – just like you’re on stage.


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