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Promotion Marches On

INCUBUS2nd sample from the upcoming album Hyperactivity Disorder uploaded today. It’s the second song on the album, named “Incubus”. Had lots of thoughts what song to preview after the first For I Am Sin, but decisions must be made. It’s really a luxury, to feel that you have so many good songs to choose from. Did a quick check on all of the songs and just felt, Damn this is by far the best album we ever made. I tell you, it’s a good feeling and it’s not at all like it was when we released the previous three albums. Ok I admit the debut album will always be special, but, since the band changed line-up, Hyperactivity Disorder is also a bit of a debut album for the band.

Hope you like the preview of Incubus and that you will love the album as much as we do.

Give it a shot from this player!


Sunday best


So, that was the week when we made the official press release with the artwork, track list and the release date of Hyperactivity Disorder. Lots of great feedback, thank you very much! Some Divine work has also been made this week. Planning for next weekend’s video shoot with long time friend Jonas, who has shot all the previous Violent Divine videos. For apparent reasons we haven’t done anything for a few years, but it’s great to be able to work with him again.

In the back-end part of the world, there is an on-line press kit ready for media and we even finished off this week doing our first interview for the upcoming album. It’s for Nataliez World, which is a great web-site about lots of bands and rock news. We did an interview back in 2009 for that same site when we released In Harm’s Way. Meanwhile we wait for this new interview, check out what we had to say back then.

Press release


Finally time to release art work, track listing and release date for the new album. The new album will be titled “Hyperactivity Disorder”, it contains 13 tracks and will be released at December 4, 2015. And that’s a long time to wait! But hopefully this period will be packed with good reviews and lots of interviews. It’s not like we don’t have anything to do. A video is to be shot and rehearsals, rehearsals, rehearsals. We’re loving it!

Here’s the track listing anyway:
1. For I Am Sin
2. Incubus
3. Restart My Heart
4. Beautiful Disaster
5. Temple Of Love
6. Fail
7. Worms Beneath
8. Drown
9. Heartbroken
10. Desolation Boulevard
11. Rain
12. Walking On Thin Ice
13. Bloodshared


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