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Unbelievably happy


Just heard from long time Violent Divine supporter KWFM in Andorra that they like the video For I Am Sin. Means a lot since they have been rotating Violent Divine since the very beginning in 2006. It’s a huge rock radio station in Andorra with countless rock fans tuning in every day. Check out

Songs from Hyperactivity Disorder are currently in rotation on 365RadioNetwork, which is huge in independent radio in the US of A but also all over the world. We’re also happy to have new songs rotating on WFNGR696 Internet radio. Apparently Violent Divine deserve “The Finger”. Violent Divine is currently also played in Greece, Germany and France. In the law of Jante, I guess Sweden will be the last country of all countries in the world to support Violent Divine. That’s unfortunate but also very much oh well…

Tonight there will be Violent Divine songs on the Metal Monday show on Canadian and also on the British Forest FM show THE BEST NEW ROCK RELEASES tonight at 23:00. I suspect Violent Divine will have two songs on Double Shot Tuesday on 365radioNetwork since the band made #8 on last week’s WNDY Radio Top 100 list.

On Friday we will celebrate the release of Hyperactivity Disorder with a Facebook release party. We do it on-line since we couldn’t possibly choose a location to do it live to reach fans from all over the planet. We will see you a bit later though at a venue near you. This way to sign up for the event. We will be streaming the new album in full, we will be on-line to chat, there will be a competition, fireworks, champagne and the works. See you on the inside!




It’s less than a week now left to another mile stone in Violent Divine history. The release of the fourth album Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s been more than 5 years since Release the Hounds and so much happened since then. In 2011, Violent Divine was in ruins, Mike went on a quest to find new Divine band members, the band did a handfull of low-key gigs to create the foundation of the new band. A new constellation of musicians writing songs together. In the end, would it sound like Violent Divine? In what direction would the band evolve?

On December 4 we will know the answer to all those questions and more. From a Violent Divine perspective, we’re totally happy. We feel that we have evelved as a band. We have treasured what was the spirit of the original line-up and added the musicianship and the frenzy of the new pack. Song writing was never a problem really. Genuine riffs and good songs – that’s what it’s all about. Keeping that in mind will make life simple and the music to the point. From here on it’s all about reaching out. We are convinced that anyone who is into any style from rock to heavier styles of metal will like the album.

It’s an album for parties, while it’s also an album with depth. Just like you can enoy it with a couple of beers, you can also shed a few tears to its darkest tracks. It’s an album that communicates, that reaches out. We hope you will embrace it – just like we do.

Here’s your invitation to the Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder Facebook release party on Dec. 4. And your friends can cum too!

So Far So Good

VDHD-sleeveYes! The Divine gents were nervous and we still are. Reviews are not to be taken lightly. Reviews are tough consumer advice for rock fans by rock fans in a world were competition is everything. Still it’s a very special competition since rock fans like a great variety of rock, from melodic to death. We should know, since after all, we are rock fans ourselves and our focus has always been to make albums that we, ourselves would buy. Therefore we sincerely hope that Hyperactivity Disorder appeals to as many rock fans we can possibly reach out to. After all, we wouldn’t want to miss this album.

Early reviews are great. They say:

“It’s not trendy as it’s pure and with a huge dose of Rock, so consider it timeless.” 84/100 in Metal to Infinity

“Genauso sollte Metal klingen. Ehrlich, aggressiv und voll auf die Zwölf.” 9/10 in Metal-Only

“From the first scorching riffs to rumbling bass line Hyperactivity Disorder is set on fire quickly.” 8/10 for the new album from Taste of Khaos

Thank You, for enjoying the new album!



Still thrilled to be at the top 12 section of the WNDY Radio Top 100. As a bonus, that means we will be in the Double Shot Tuesday show and that’s Divine exposure. Thanx again to all the people at 365radionetwork for your support!

A bit more than 2 weeks to go until the release of Hyperactivity Disorder and the reviews so far indicates that the new breed of Violent Divine just may have accomplished the band’s best album so far. We’re happy people share our opinion on that. Yes, it’s totally in order to feel happy and content. It’s a bit un-swedish but that’s what we are. We make rock music for the entire planet and that shows among all the new followers on Twitter recently. It’s like F**k politics – let’s make love and rock & roll!

Give Violent Divine the Finger!

A short post with more great news from the Divine camp! Internet radio station WFNGR696 adds the new Violent Divine album Hyperactivity Disorder to rotation. A lil more Violent Divine to the world. We like that!

Tune in and rock out:


Sunday bloody Sunday


Another Sunday bloody Sunday and a most turbulent weekend in world politics. Not even the world of rock and roll is spared from atrocities. The world needs more music, not more weapons. In other, more positive news. Violent Divine made it to #3 on the WNDY Top 100 list this week. Most grateful for Your votes. It means a lot to be at the top section since it means more air play and more opportunities for rocj fans to discover Violent Divine. Tune in and support The show airs at 12 EST.

Violent Divine is also on air in Greece and if you happen to speek greek, there’s a review of Hyperactivity Disorder in greek magazine Flight of Pegasus: Οι ίδιοι διαθέτουν πολλά καλά κομμάτια, έχουν πραγματικά καλοστημένο για το ύφος τους ήχο, και οι εκτελέσεις τους είναι ωραίες και δυναμικές. (They have many good songs, really laid out for their style sound, and their performances are beautiful and dynamic.) Google translate or death, sort of. Seems they like the album. Cheers for that!

On Monday Violent Divine will air on the Metal Monday show on Canadian radio station ROCK-FM.CA Thanks to Bernadette Barter for love and support. Tune in to Metal Monday airs at 6-8 EST.

Stay safe out there and rock da fuq on!

No Cheating!


It’s been a great week since last Thursday when we released the official video For I Am Sin. Some 800 real views on YouTube – no we don’t pay for views – that’s cheating and noone buys that kinda crap these days. We made #3 on the WNDY Radion Top 100 list and besides being in rotation, we aired on The Heavy Metal Breakfast Show and Double Shot Tuesday. Huge thanks to the hard working people at 365 Radio Network for your support.

A german reviewer gave the album 10/15. Seems like he didn’t like the digipack format, since the rest seemed to be ok. It’s interesting to have reviewers tag you in some sub genre of rock and compare you with major rock artists like Shinedown. As an artist it’s sometimes hard to see the connection, but hey, that’s what reviewers are for and I guess if you’re a fan of Shinedown, there’s a good chance you will fall Violently Divine for Hyperactivity Disorder.

Anyway, it’s #ThrowbackThursday We present a most Violent Divine power ballad. Feels Like Home!

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