Sunday bloody Sunday


Another Sunday bloody Sunday and a most turbulent weekend in world politics. Not even the world of rock and roll is spared from atrocities. The world needs more music, not more weapons. In other, more positive news. Violent Divine made it to #3 on the WNDY Top 100 list this week. Most grateful for Your votes. It means a lot to be at the top section since it means more air play and more opportunities for rocj fans to discover Violent Divine. Tune in and support The show airs at 12 EST.

Violent Divine is also on air in Greece and if you happen to speek greek, there’s a review of Hyperactivity Disorder in greek magazine Flight of Pegasus: Οι ίδιοι διαθέτουν πολλά καλά κομμάτια, έχουν πραγματικά καλοστημένο για το ύφος τους ήχο, και οι εκτελέσεις τους είναι ωραίες και δυναμικές. (They have many good songs, really laid out for their style sound, and their performances are beautiful and dynamic.) Google translate or death, sort of. Seems they like the album. Cheers for that!

On Monday Violent Divine will air on the Metal Monday show on Canadian radio station ROCK-FM.CA Thanks to Bernadette Barter for love and support. Tune in to Metal Monday airs at 6-8 EST.

Stay safe out there and rock da fuq on!

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