So Far So Good

VDHD-sleeveYes! The Divine gents were nervous and we still are. Reviews are not to be taken lightly. Reviews are tough consumer advice for rock fans by rock fans in a world were competition is everything. Still it’s a very special competition since rock fans like a great variety of rock, from melodic to death. We should know, since after all, we are rock fans ourselves and our focus has always been to make albums that we, ourselves would buy. Therefore we sincerely hope that Hyperactivity Disorder appeals to as many rock fans we can possibly reach out to. After all, we wouldn’t want to miss this album.

Early reviews are great. They say:

“It’s not trendy as it’s pure and with a huge dose of Rock, so consider it timeless.” 84/100 in Metal to Infinity

“Genauso sollte Metal klingen. Ehrlich, aggressiv und voll auf die Zwölf.” 9/10 in Metal-Only

“From the first scorching riffs to rumbling bass line Hyperactivity Disorder is set on fire quickly.” 8/10 for the new album from Taste of Khaos

Thank You, for enjoying the new album!

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