It’s less than a week now left to another mile stone in Violent Divine history. The release of the fourth album Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s been more than 5 years since Release the Hounds and so much happened since then. In 2011, Violent Divine was in ruins, Mike went on a quest to find new Divine band members, the band did a handfull of low-key gigs to create the foundation of the new band. A new constellation of musicians writing songs together. In the end, would it sound like Violent Divine? In what direction would the band evolve?

On December 4 we will know the answer to all those questions and more. From a Violent Divine perspective, we’re totally happy. We feel that we have evelved as a band. We have treasured what was the spirit of the original line-up and added the musicianship and the frenzy of the new pack. Song writing was never a problem really. Genuine riffs and good songs – that’s what it’s all about. Keeping that in mind will make life simple and the music to the point. From here on it’s all about reaching out. We are convinced that anyone who is into any style from rock to heavier styles of metal will like the album.

It’s an album for parties, while it’s also an album with depth. Just like you can enoy it with a couple of beers, you can also shed a few tears to its darkest tracks. It’s an album that communicates, that reaches out. We hope you will embrace it – just like we do.

Here’s your invitation to the Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder Facebook release party on Dec. 4. And your friends can cum too!

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