Unbelievably happy


Just heard from long time Violent Divine supporter KWFM in Andorra that they like the video For I Am Sin. Means a lot since they have been rotating Violent Divine since the very beginning in 2006. It’s a huge rock radio station in Andorra with countless rock fans tuning in every day. Check out www.kwfm.net

Songs from Hyperactivity Disorder are currently in rotation on 365RadioNetwork, which is huge in independent radio in the US of A but also all over the world. We’re also happy to have new songs rotating on WFNGR696 Internet radio. Apparently Violent Divine deserve “The Finger”. Violent Divine is currently also played in Greece, Germany and France. In the law of Jante, I guess Sweden will be the last country of all countries in the world to support Violent Divine. That’s unfortunate but also very much oh well…

Tonight there will be Violent Divine songs on the Metal Monday show on Canadian Rock-FM.ca and also on the British Forest FM show THE BEST NEW ROCK RELEASES tonight at 23:00. I suspect Violent Divine will have two songs on Double Shot Tuesday on 365radioNetwork since the band made #8 on last week’s WNDY Radio Top 100 list.

On Friday we will celebrate the release of Hyperactivity Disorder with a Facebook release party. We do it on-line since we couldn’t possibly choose a location to do it live to reach fans from all over the planet. We will see you a bit later though at a venue near you. This way to sign up for the event. We will be streaming the new album in full, we will be on-line to chat, there will be a competition, fireworks, champagne and the works. See you on the inside!

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