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Viral Divine growth

It’s been a while but Violent Divine been busy! The on-line release party on Facebook was massive. Lots of people listened to the stream and gave us nice feedback. Thank You! Hyperactivity Disorder is now available in digital shops all over the planet. If you fancy a hard copy like in the old days, hit us up on or any of the social media where the band is at.

The video For I Am Sin has been viewed almost 1800 times as we write this, and that’s no cheating. We don’t pay for views or likes – ever! Violent Divine alse released the first lyric video from Hyperactivity Disorder. It’s Bloodshared, the last song on the album.

The album is also extremely well recieved by reviewers from all over the world and we’re so happy to have the album rotating on so many radio stations. Thank you all for your support! On Twitter people are kind enough to support Violent Divine thru likes and retweets and that’s so very much appreciated. It’s so important each and every time someone just mention Violent Divine. We do have a quest for world domination, you know…

Holidays ahead and besides doing the regular stuff that you’re supposed to do this time of year, we’re still a band. That means a few days will be spent in the studio playing around with a few ideas that have cum up recently. If it all makes any sense, we will know afterwards and it will probably be displayed on-line in one way or another. Load up with a few crates of beer and have a decent and Divine holiday season!


Violent Divine on Breaking Rock

In case you missed it, here’s the podcast from the latest Breaking Rock on British Forest FM. Thanx to Rockshow Paul for supporting Violent Divine!

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