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A quickie with Oscar Divine


We are doing this series of interview clips with the band members right now. A couple of weeks ago Mike put on his beloved make up to answer a few delicate questions and just this week, (b)assmaniac Oscar had to answer to his sins. None of the guys in the band wanted to do what was expected from bands in general, talk about the music, the album, random gear or technique. Very few people are interested in that and FFS we go on about the album all the time so… We wanted to present to you an idea of the personalities in the band – in a lot less than 2 minutes (to midnight). Enjoy the madness!



Think we told you lots already about the great tme we had supporting Lillasyster at Hell Yeah Rock Club/Palatset in Link√∂ping, Sweden on April 1 2016. We also got lots of great shots from local photographer Fredric Sommer. It’s really great to see shots like that from a professional who actually know his trade and we can’t thank him enough. The shots are truly Divine. Watch the entire set on Facebook!

We also got some fan videos from the show and you can get a glimpse of Violent Divine on stage somewhere on the other side of the crowd. Enjoy the racket!




It’s a Violent Divine attitude to perform wherever and whenever possible. Kulturkollektivet is definately not the biggest club we ever played but every gig is equally important. This one was special in many ways. We didn’t expect a huge crowd since it went down on a freezing Wednesday. But the crowd quickly filled up with people that are most important to us. Family, close friends and a few die hard fans who actually sang along to the lyrics – even though we only did songs from Hyperactivity Disorder. That’s impressive. Cheers all for coming out this very special evening!

Set list
For I Am Sin
Restart My Heart
Temple Of Love
Worms Beneath
Desolation Boulevard
Walking on Thin Ice

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