From 1 to 7

Yes, we are going to release lyric videos for all 13 songs off Hyperactivity Disorder and we just passed the half-way-there mark by releaseng the 7th lyric video Heartbroken. Let’s go through the whats and whys of each of the lyric videos.

First lyric video was for Bloodshared. It’s made out of an old horror movie and I think we all know the usual plot. A beautiful screaming girl is captivated by a freak (male) and the self-righteous detectives will save the girl and kill the monster. Cheesy? Oh well, see for yourself.

Second lyric video was for Desolation Boulevard. The idea was to add to your stress levels by adding scratches and flicker from the early days of film history. It’s shot in Stockholm on the way back home from a show.

Third video was for Temple of Love. We actually tried to make a video once on our own. We didn’t like the result since we figured we looked like something from the Muppet Show – and we still do. This is simply one of many shots from that session with the lyrics added on top.

For the fourth video we wanted to take the concept a bit further and see if it was possible to get banned off social media. We failed disgracefully on that part. The video is made out of more or less explicit parts (pun intended) of the work of Italian comic book artist Milo Manara. Hold on to your hats!

Video number five was made from the first preview edit of For I Am Sin. I guess it works for the die hard Violent Divine nerd who like to point out differences in edits compared to the official video. There are actually some edits in this first one that are better than in the final edit. So can you spot the differences?

The sixth video takes us back to nudity. It’s nicked from a film that premiered in 1968 and it’s rather interesting to think about how things have changed from back then, gender roles, nudity and stuff like that. Or maybe it hasn’t changed at all.

The seventh video should be labelled with some sort of trigger warning to prevent suicides. It’s shot in our home town of Norrköping, the local sewer running through the town, a graveyard and the cremation site. Sounds like loads of fun. Specially when the song Heartbroken is about eternal love and eternal heartbreaks. Get the party started you goths.

So there it is. See you next time on Getting it on with the Divine!

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