Violent Divine loves the UK!

Yes! What you heard is true! Violent Divine will do two shows in the UK this summer to meet up with long time and new friends. It’s about bloody time since we haven’t been in the UK since 2010 when we visited London, Kettering and Crumling. This time we do shows in Chelmsford on July 22 and in Croydon on July 23. Both venues are somewhat close to London so we expect to see lots of you people there.

The show in Chelmsford is at The Asylum with bands Raze the Void and Mens of Munga and there’s a Facebook event with all the information you need.
The show in Croydon is at The Scream Lounge with bands Immortal Machinery, Dead Before Mourning and Out of Context. And yes, there’s a Facebook event for that show as well.

To say the least, we are super excited to come to the UK, to be able to do these shows and to meet up with the other bands and to share a pint and spend a few hours in your company. This is what being in a band is all about. See you in a few!


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