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We’re happy to play rock in a time where most top 40 music seems expendable. And it’s clear when you look at festivals this summer that bands that formed 30+ years ago are still at the top of the bill. When you think about it, it’s weird, isn’t it? Where is the new music that is going to make classic rock in a few decades. We think it proves that rock music that don’t bother with musical trends, that rely on good songwriting will stand the test of time. Very much like bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motörhead to name a few. What other ways are there to explain that Black Sabbath, formed in the late 1960’s pack arenas on their current farewell tour. Good songs and solid riffs.

At the Divine camp we’re happy to recieve a late but great review of Hyperactivity Disorder. Metal-Temple says: “…with their fourth album, “Hyperactivity Disorder”, VIOLENT DIVINE are dropping another bomb of sheer streetwise Metal, puncturing hearts in every turn”. Giving the album 8/10. Hats and beenies off and a huge thanx!

Still 2 rehearsals to go from the two shows in the UK. They will be on Periscope (@violentdivine) so y’all know what to expect, at least musically. We don’t jump around that much in the rehearsal cabin. In case you just popped in, Violent Divine will play in Chelmsford/The Asylum on July 22 and in Croydon/The Scream Lounge on July 23. We look forward to see you there!

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