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The Divine return


Returned to the deserted airfield the other day where we shot the photos for Hyperactivity Disorder. Still a stunning place, but for the next album we’ll do something completely different. Speaking of the new album, recording almost done. A little bit of vocals and a few extra guitars to add to the production. We got the running order figured out, we decided what song to pick for the first official video, we have the general artwork on the way. Everything will fall into place. There’s really just one thing to argue about. The title of the album. Looks like it will be pistols at dawn to decide the matter. Band democracy and all that shite.

Meanwhile we have started to produce a series of videos called The Violent Divine Weekly for y’all who like to keep of with the Divine madness. We’re also in a band challenge with spanish Bostok, british Immortal Machinery and danish Seven Thorns. Lots of funny, pointless shit to pass time and to make a bit of noise. Here’s the latest challenge!

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