Hang over


Long time no see in this blog. We’ll try to keep up a bit better. Today is Sunday and we just finished the on-line release party for Louder Than Love. It’s been quite a journey. We originally planned for an April release but there was a slight delay, or several delays that is. One of the lessons learned is that you might want to have more than just a few songs finished before you enter the studio. On the other hand, if you never dare to try, you won’t go forward in any sense.

We’re happy the album has been well recieved som far – and sorry for the delay. We’ve done a couple of interviews that will be published soon. The first one is already out there. It’s Mike speaking with Jon from Canadian The Rock Metal Podcast. The first review is also published. It’s from Spanish NOIZZ webzine. Many more of everything to come.

We’ve had some great help from a bunch of friends. Danish multi-artist Johnny F.W Nielsen created the stunnng artwork, Jonas Andersson directed yet another video, Marjo from Dutch Metal Revelation did the PR so it’s really an international effort.

So what are the plans? Obviously we would love to go on tour, but it all depends on bizniz related factors like MONEY! It’s the harsh reality of being in a DIY band. So we have to wait and see for a bit. Fingers xxx:ed.

While we wait, we have the most relevant question to ask. What do You think about the album?

Itunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/louder-than-love/1292036766
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/2IE8lkvTVadM1NSCalpmNt


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