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We’re happy to play rock in a time where most top 40 music seems expendable. And it’s clear when you look at festivals this summer that bands that formed 30+ years ago are still at the top of the bill. When you think about it, it’s weird, isn’t it? Where is the new music that is going to make classic rock in a few decades. We think it proves that rock music that don’t bother with musical trends, that rely on good songwriting will stand the test of time. Very much like bands like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Motörhead to name a few. What other ways are there to explain that Black Sabbath, formed in the late 1960’s pack arenas on their current farewell tour. Good songs and solid riffs.

At the Divine camp we’re happy to recieve a late but great review of Hyperactivity Disorder. Metal-Temple says: “…with their fourth album, “Hyperactivity Disorder”, VIOLENT DIVINE are dropping another bomb of sheer streetwise Metal, puncturing hearts in every turn”. Giving the album 8/10. Hats and beenies off and a huge thanx!

Still 2 rehearsals to go from the two shows in the UK. They will be on Periscope (@violentdivine) so y’all know what to expect, at least musically. We don’t jump around that much in the rehearsal cabin. In case you just popped in, Violent Divine will play in Chelmsford/The Asylum on July 22 and in Croydon/The Scream Lounge on July 23. We look forward to see you there!




It’s a Violent Divine attitude to perform wherever and whenever possible. Kulturkollektivet is definately not the biggest club we ever played but every gig is equally important. This one was special in many ways. We didn’t expect a huge crowd since it went down on a freezing Wednesday. But the crowd quickly filled up with people that are most important to us. Family, close friends and a few die hard fans who actually sang along to the lyrics – even though we only did songs from Hyperactivity Disorder. That’s impressive. Cheers all for coming out this very special evening!

Set list
For I Am Sin
Restart My Heart
Temple Of Love
Worms Beneath
Desolation Boulevard
Walking on Thin Ice

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Listen to Hyperactivity Disorder on Spotify:

Official website:
Blog: https://violentdivine.wordpress.com
Periscope: @violentdivine

It can’t Rain all the time

Another lyric video has seen the light of day. Rain, from the Hyperactivity Disorder album is now enhanced with somewhat graphic and explicit content from the Italian comic book writer and artist Milo Manara. We are seriously just waiting for it to get banned from the Internet but it’s been up on YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo for a few days now so maybe it’s not as daring as we hoped it would be. Better luck next time. Already got some fresh ideas for the next lyric video and plans for starting working on that this Thursday. No rest for the wicked.

Violent Divine is finally on that new platform/app Periscope. The first thng we did was to record our latest rehearsal. If you’re a fan and want to get the nitty gritty behind the scenes – find @violentdivine on Periscope. There will be loads more stuff on that shortly.


So what else happened lately? Violent Divine in Swedish media! WTF! That’s not something that hapens every day. We can’t figure out why, but we got a great review for Hyperactivity Disorder in regional entertainment magazines 011 and 013 (That’s phone area codes). Via Nocturna from beautiful Portugal also published a great review. Thanks to all of you. Much appreciated!

Speaking of social media, Violent Divine is now on Russian OK as well as VK. Even though Periscope seems to be the hype right now, we hope to meet new fans there too. Hit us up! Life is Divine!

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