It’s a Violent Divine attitude to perform wherever and whenever possible. Kulturkollektivet is definately not the biggest club we ever played but every gig is equally important. This one was special in many ways. We didn’t expect a huge crowd since it went down on a freezing Wednesday. But the crowd quickly filled up with people that are most important to us. Family, close friends and a few die hard fans who actually sang along to the lyrics – even though we only did songs from Hyperactivity Disorder. That’s impressive. Cheers all for coming out this very special evening!

Set list
For I Am Sin
Restart My Heart
Temple Of Love
Worms Beneath
Desolation Boulevard
Walking on Thin Ice

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Day 3 of Restart My Heart

Mike Divine left to his own devices. A man, two candles, a mirror, some blue lights and a GoPro camera that refuses to shoot anything longer than 30 seconds. Somewhat frustrating. Reviewing the shots in the video editing software and it seems like it was a bit too dark and maybe we have to do that shot once more. A professional would probably have told us to set proper lights and to do the tweaking in the software. So, back to the beginning of square 3.

It will have to wait until next week though since we’ll be busy this Friday supporting Gothenburg baboon-metal rockers Lillasyster in Linköping. It’s a marvellous opportunity to get to support a major band and to perform in front of a lot of potential new fans. Performing live is what really matters. That’s the real thing and goes way beyond all that social media stuff we’re all so hooked up on. Live music, making songs personal, being able to punch holes right into people’s hearts. Nothing beats that!


Day 2 of Restart My Heart


Shooting drums makes an impact on your hearing. Specially for the one who has to hold the GoPro cam with his head right underneath a crash cymbal. Well, Mike is quite deaf anyway so the choice came natural. We also made time to shoot all the guitar close-ups so it was quite a productive day of working in a noisy environment. Just like another day at the office really.

After checking the shots from day one, lots of ideas have been flushed and new plans are taking form. Obviously it all is a process of learning by doing, and by learning we are talking about the video editing software. So far we have learnt how to create 16:9 format, how to zoom and how to create slow motion effects. It’s a thin line, balancing the wasteland between artsy and crappy.

Day 1 of Restart My Heart


We have this vague idea of a video for the song Restart My Heart from the new album Hyperactivity Disorder that includes extreme close ups, high stress rate and extreme colorizing. Maybe the reslut will come out totally different. It’s all trial and error around here when it comes to creating videos. We’ll give it our best shot and if it doesn’t add up to our quality standard, we’ll just make a lyric video from the clips. No nudity this time though.

Today we did the bass-shots with Oscar and with a bit of magick in the editing software, we might have some moving pictures of a true heartbreaker that appeals to the ladies who are interested in a well mannered bad boy. Bring your change of underwear!

It can’t Rain all the time

Another lyric video has seen the light of day. Rain, from the Hyperactivity Disorder album is now enhanced with somewhat graphic and explicit content from the Italian comic book writer and artist Milo Manara. We are seriously just waiting for it to get banned from the Internet but it’s been up on YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo for a few days now so maybe it’s not as daring as we hoped it would be. Better luck next time. Already got some fresh ideas for the next lyric video and plans for starting working on that this Thursday. No rest for the wicked.

Violent Divine is finally on that new platform/app Periscope. The first thng we did was to record our latest rehearsal. If you’re a fan and want to get the nitty gritty behind the scenes – find @violentdivine on Periscope. There will be loads more stuff on that shortly.


So what else happened lately? Violent Divine in Swedish media! WTF! That’s not something that hapens every day. We can’t figure out why, but we got a great review for Hyperactivity Disorder in regional entertainment magazines 011 and 013 (That’s phone area codes). Via Nocturna from beautiful Portugal also published a great review. Thanks to all of you. Much appreciated!

Speaking of social media, Violent Divine is now on Russian OK as well as VK. Even though Periscope seems to be the hype right now, we hope to meet new fans there too. Hit us up! Life is Divine!

Wam Bam Thank You Mam

701955_10153570543198860_3898094745777535356_oThank you all for coming out to Kulturkollektivet in Norrköping last night. Nice to see you all. We had a blast, as always on stage! Doing gigs on Wednesdays in Sweden is all like… well we don’t expect it to be huge events but we have now done two Wednesday shows and all we have to say is that they both turned out great. Lots more rockers came out to see Violent Divine than we could ever hope for. Last night we even spotted people singing along with every godforsaken song we played – and we only played songs off Hyperactivity Disorder. So totally worth it!

Now we look forward to doing more shows and to meet more of you fans out there. It’s rock n roll and it’s supposed to be live – as it happens!

Temple of Love!

Third lyric video from the album Violent Divine Hyperactivity Disorder is Temple of Love. Mike Divine explains: Back in 2013 we tried out shooting a video for Temple of Love – left to our own devices. We never used it however, since we felt like we looked like we’re on the muppet show. This is one of the raw cuts and I think it makes a good background for the lyric video. Can’t be all serious all the time, can you.

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